Client: Staffan Tollgard
Location: Chelsea, SW1
Sector: Retail
Duration: 2 months
Value: £80,000

Project Brief:

This project was concerned with the full design, supply and installation of a fully concealed Mitsubishi VRF system in a high end retail Client.

The system comprised of six ducted fan coils and one heat recovery unit carefully concealed behind displays, ceilings and shelving. Attenuated high velocity grilles were designed to overcome the high ceilings and the need to a silent operation.

The condenser was concealed in a tight external enclosure behind a louvered wall to ensure out of sight.

Mitsubishi Electric was selected for the high energy efficiency levels, accommodating dimensions for the project and their ‘2-pipe’ heat recovery VRF technology.

Nationwide provided a full 7 year warranty with this equipment in partnership with Mitsubishi Electric.