Developing People.
Fostering and Supporting Your Ambitions.

Become a part of Nationwide Air Conditioning and make our business your business. As an Employee-Owned Trust dedicated to bringing people together, Nationwide Air Conditioning is committed to nurturing a secure, diverse, and inclusive work environment—where all identities and talents can thrive. Whether you’re joining our team of engineers or contributing to our success through support at Head Office, there’s a place for you, your skills and your passions. Apply for your new career.
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Annual Profit Sharing

All members of the EOT (employees) enjoy annual profit sharing factored only on time served, not position or salary. Nationwide's success is your success


Flexible Working

We aim to ensure harmony between your work and home lives. Whenever feasible, we support our employees in adopting work patterns or locations that align with their home life needs. This could include flexible options such as late starts for school runs, hybrid working arrangements, or shift patterns to accommodate home life responsibilities.


Paid Volunteer Time Off

Each employee is granted eight hours of paid leave annually to support approved charitable organisations. This empowers our people, allowing them the flexibility to make a positive impact beyond work, all while receiving regular pay.


Team Events

We provide opportunities for team gatherings, ranging from regular team meetings and summer events to festive Christmas parties. These occasions allow teams to come together, foster cross-departmental connections, align on business objectives, and, most importantly, have some fun!


Personal Development

People are our most important asset and we are committed to help all individuals to achieve their potential. We invest in training and with personal development plans for each individual and promoting from within whenever viable.


Sustainable Growth

Nationwide will sustain organic growth by engaging directly with end-user clients, rather than through acquisitions.