24/7 Asset Support Enhancing Your Environment, Providing Optimal Performance

At Nationwide Air Conditioning, we create and support optimal environmental conditions, enhancing functionality for your assets throughout their lifecycle. Whether it’s 24/7 maintenance, emergency call out support or energy management, our technical engineering teams cater to your unique business and operational requirements. We provide strategic insight and expertise on asset uptime, risk mitigation and efficiency.

Why work with us?

Mechanical Maintenance Services

A dedicated team of over 100 engineers operates nationwide, around the clock, offering services such as maintenance, emergency callouts, and repairs for your HVAC assets. This includes all air conditioning systems, chillers, ventilation plant, refrigeration, boilers, and pumps.

Direct to End-User Expertise

We are unique, working exclusively with direct to end-users, operating across a diverse range of sectors, managing more than 2,500 sites across the UK. Sectors include healthcare, hotels, industrial, commercial, retail, manufacturing plants, restaurants, airports, rail infrastructure, cinemas, and stadiums.

Maintenance Techniques

Every client has unique requirements, and we customise our services to accommodate each one. We provide a range of maintenance practices, including :

– Condition Based Maintenance – Utilising sensor data to precisely identify when maintenance is required.

– Time Based Maintenance – Adhering to SFG20 and manufacturers’ guidelines to maintain assets at predetermined intervals.

– Predictive Functionality – Utilizing technologies such as vibration analysis or current monitoring to anticipate potential failures or suboptimal operational performance in an asset.

Client Connectivity

Our software provides clients with 24/7 real-time access and transparency for all ongoing work. Through a dedicated client portal, users can access compliance documentation, manage Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), view contract dashboards, receive real-time status updates, track engineers during emergency callouts, and more..

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