Employee Owned Trust

Empowering People.
Through Ownership, Responsibility and Participation.

The ethos of employee ownership has played a vital role in the continuous growth and evolution of our business. Granting all of our members direct responsibilities and fostering active participation throughout all aspects of the organisation.

We make certain to empower each individual, and, in turn, the success of the business directly impacts every one of us. This shared interest motivates us to consistently strive for excellence, deliver results, and actively pursue continuous improvement for ourselves, our colleagues and our Clients.

As an employee-owned trust, every member owns shares in the company and enjoys annual profit-sharing, contingent on the overall financial performance of the organisation.

The governance of the employee-owned trust is guided by a constitution, ensuring fairness and equality for all its members.

market share

Annual Profit Sharing

All members of the EOT (employees) enjoy annual profit sharing factored only on time served, not position or salary. Nationwide's success is your success



People are EOT’s most important asset and the EOT is committed to help all individuals to achieve their potential. The EOT invests in training and development of its People and promotes from within whenever viable.


Direct Board Engagement

The Board will meet directly with members of the EOT (employees) at least twice a year to foster constructive engagement across all levels of the business

feed back

Open Feedback Culture

We provide open feedback forums that enable direct communication with the Board of Trustees, fostering continuous improvement and enhancing Nationwide as a workplace.



Each year, a portion of the profits will be reinvested into business initiatives aimed at enhancing the work-life of all members.


Sustainable Growth

Nationwide will sustain organic growth by engaging directly with end-user clients, rather than through acquisitions.